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Enable Administrator Account in Windows 8

Here today, i’m going to share with you a very informative trick about how we can enable administrator account in windows 8. As we know that administrator account is disabled by default in windows 8 due to enhance the security. This is because , the windows administrator account is the favorite target of Hackers to gain access of your computer without your permission.Without wasting our precious time, lets dive into the method about How to Enable windows administrator account in windows 8.
Note: This method works the same for windows 7 as well.

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Procedure to Enable administrator account in windows 8

Follow the given simple steps in order to enable administrator account in windows 8.

Method # 1:

1) Right click on my computer and then click on Manage.

Enable-administrator-account-in-Windows 8

2) Now click on Local users and Groups and then click on Users.

Enable-administrator-account-in-Windows 8

3) Right click on administrator account and then give a click on Properties. A dialog box will appear on your computer screen. Now uncheck the Account is disabled option from the appeared dialog box.

Enable-administrator-account-in-Windows 8

4) Right after above step, Click on Apply then given a click on O.k button.

Method # 2:

Follow the easy steps given below for to enable administrator account in windows 8.

1) Press win+R key from  your keyboard to launch run dialog box.

2) Type cmd in run dialog box and press enter. A command prompt will appear on your screen.

3) Now write the given simple command to enable administrator account and press enter from your keyboard.
net user administrator /active:yes
For to disable the administrator account , write the given command and press enter.
net user administrator /active:no

Enable-administrator-account-in-Windows 8

Final Words

Above are the two simple methods by which we can easily Enable administrator account in windows 8. There are some other methods which can be used for the same purpose but i found these methods quite easy to follow and implement. If you have any question to ask then feel free and leave your questions in the comments below. We really love to answer your queries.